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“When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.”

As a youngster I spent a huge amount of time involved in musical theatre. You could say it was my passion. But when it came to singing I didn’t believe I could actually sing.

And that belief was compounded and confirmed and nurtured and developed by people around me who said things like “Linda, you’re not really a singer are you?” Or “Maybe you should just speak the song.” “You’re really more of an actress.”
All because I didn’t have the confidence to reach the high notes required of a leading lady and because I quite simply didn’t know how to use my voice properly.
Well, who would have thought that 30 years on I would be awared Distinction from the London Acacemy of Music and Drama for solo singing performance? Who would have thought that it would be said of me that I “demonstrated vocal agility” and was “comfortable with the vocal range”.
Me? Vocal agility? Comfortable with the range? Turns out my voice ranges from very low to very high. I can sing leading lady stuff after all. And it turns out that those who I thought were “in the know” all those years ago didn’t know what they were talking about after all.
So what’s changed?
Making the effort to learn how to use my voice and then practising until the performance became unconscious. So that I didn’t need to think about it. When exam time came, I just did what I had been practising day in day out so that the performance was all there like a finely tuned….voice actually!
And belief. Self belief in bucket loads!
If you’re holding yourself back from doing something you would love to do because you don’t believe you’re good enough or because someone else told you so, simply call me now on 08456 017567 and I’ll show you how to smash those limiting beliefs to smithereens!
I’m ready to get started. Are YOU?


Quote: Stephen Richards

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