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Harness the power of your unconscious mind to make better decisions, create better choices and take control.  Work with me on The Pearl Transformational Coaching Programme™ and discover How to reshape YOUR thoughts to get the outcomes YOU want

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What makes Linda unique is that she works at a deeper level than the conscious behavioural level that traditional coaching favours.


I believe…Individuals are unique therefore, I’m unique and so are each of my clients.

I believe…My delivery style is unique, My training is unique and My coaching is unique… that’s what my clients say!

I believe…It’s best to say it how it is so, how I write is how I speak and what I write is what you get.

I believe…That jargon and ‘business speak’ are not how people think because I know how people represent the world to themselves and how they make meaning therefore I keep language simple allowing the reader or the listener to make sense of my message in a way they can understand it.

I believe…I deliver what it says on the tin.


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Linda Cameron


Her entrepreneurial business background together with her professional qualifications and expertise enable Linda to offer professional trainings and executive coaching firmly based in reality with the focus on results.


Training and imparting knowledge is her passion. Effecting change and equipping her clients with the knowledge and resources to grow and develop their careers, enhance charisma and become world class leaders is her purpose.


Linda’s successful Clients include KPMG; Begbies Traynor; MLM Solutions; The Playfield Institute; Anderson Anderson Brown; North Lanarkshire Council; Argyll & Bute Council; Top Mark Claims Management; West of Scotland Housing Association; SOL; Changeworks.


blog4Linda Cameron is a Licensed NLP Trainer, Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Executive & Personal Coach and Consulting Hypnotist.

Linda is one of the first Society of NLP Licensed NLP Coaching Trainers in the World and is a member of the assisting team for Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and Paul McKenna for their training events in London.


experiencefinalLinda has trained, assessed and mentored individuals and teams to become expert professional coaches both independently and within their organizations. Her clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, top level executives, public sector organizations and private individuals.

She has personally coached business owners, senior executives and managers in conjunction with 360 degree feedback and diagnostic profiling tools.


backgroundfinalLinda’s business career spans some 30 years and ranges from supporting a team of recruitment consultants to operational director and owner of a luxury resort in Tuscany.

With an honours degree from Glasgow University where she studied Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology & Education, Linda’s focus throughout her career has been people.

Her expertise covers recruitment, training, development, business start up, business restructuring, change management and top class customer service.


Bespoke, Personal, One to One Learning, Development & Executive Coaching Sessions

You’re ready to Excel…so how do you get the pearl from the oyster?

So, you’re standing on the threshold and the world’s your oyster. That’s the saying, isn’t it?

The thing is, while you can hold an oyster in the palm of your hand, it’s not much use if you can’t get to the pearl.

And that’s not about strength or brute force or willing it to happen. That’s about using the right technique in the right place.

Now, I guess you’re probably thinking that you already know about technique?

But, what if YOU are the pearl?

I’m ready to share with you what that means for YOU on our bespoke executive coaching programme.

The PEARL |Inspire for Impact |Executive Coaching | Glasgow

The advantage of bringing NLP onto the learning and development stage is that it transcends the labels of work, home, personal and gets right to the crux of what makes people people and as every business, company, organization or family is made up of people, then understanding what’s going on on the inside is the essential step to changing what’s happening on the outside.

And as we’re talking about humans, then the next unique advantage of NLP is that it addresses both the human minds, the conscious one that we’re very aware of and listen to like a running commentary and the subconscious one that is quietly setting the direction on the inside and which we’re usually completely unaware of.

When I teach people how to bring the two minds into alignment and get inside and outside working in harmony then you get the results you want.

NLP looks for the information that is missing in order to make sense of someone’s world.

This is why it is uniquely placed to find what is missing and close the gap between your current reality and stepping into your full potential.


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See, hear, and feel what others have to say following their attendance at one of Linda’s inspirational courses.

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